RVskin is the multi-languages, multi-themes advanced cPanel skin management software for cPane/WHM servers. It comes with some amazing features such as control panel interfaces in many national scripts and sub-reseller capabilities. All our cPanel hosting and reseller hosting customers will benefit from these features without the need for a separate license.
There are currently over 20 languages and script systems supported: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Romanian, Slovenian, Arabic, Simplified-Chinese (GB), Traditional-Chinese (Big5), Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Indonesian, Japanese (shift_JIS) and Japanese (ecu-JS).
Branding is possible too: you can brand your cPanel skin in just 5 or 10 minutes. As a reseller you can include support links to your site, your logos, etc.

  1. Languages and Themes
  2. RVskin Feature Manager
  3. Reseller, Reseller’s Client Feature Control
  4. Tweak RVskin
  5. Skin Editor
  6. RVnews System
  7. Marketing Tools
  8. 3rd Party Integration
  9. Other Features

Permission Signs:

  Fully allowance

  • Default language

On normal cPanel installations the default language for hosting account is English unless you modify it under "Modify Account" (in WHM) or the user changes the language in cPanel. Setting default language here will set user skin to your choice of language automatically.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers 

  • Multi languages

There are over 20 languages and script systems supported: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Romanian, Slovenian, Arabic, Simplified-Chinese (GB), Traditional-Chinese (Big5), Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Indonesian, Japanese (shift_JIS) and Japanese (ecu-JS). Moreover, user can change RVskin language inside the control panel.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Reseller (Upon RVadmin Control)

  • Multi-theme design
There are currently 14 themes supported; You can select your desire theme from; rvlightblue, rvlightorange, rvlightmaroon, rvlightgreen, rvlightteal, rvlightviolet, rvlightolive, rvorange, rvblue, rvteal, rvmaroon, rvgreen, rvviolet, and rvolive. Moreover, user can change RVskin theme inside the control panel.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Reseller (Upon RVadmin Control)
  • Message editor

Leaves worry behind due to customize your own messages. You can edit all messages in the skin. The RVskin update engine will not overwrite your messages.  You are also able to show your custom messages in resellers' clients (Resellers can overwrite your messages in their Message Editor).
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

Note:  All features in RVskin can be shown or hidden without caused any missing images like other themes using Feature Manager in WHM.

  • Configuration based on package

Each hosting package can have different features showing in RVskin.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Configuration at specific account level

In additional to customize your skin based on package, you can customzie skin for a certain hosting account. This solution is safer than upgrade hosting plan in order to use new skin configuration particularly account which hooked with add-ons and parked domain.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Intelligent skin

Features showing will automatically hidden if they could not apply for hosting account such as hosting account not allow to create Mysql database, the icon and menu for create database, phpMyadmin, Add-on scripts, phpBB, phpMychat will be automatically hidden, you don't even need to set in the configuration file.
 Permission Summary:    Automatically

  • Non-package Feature list

This is the ideal for those who automate cPanel account creation using 3rd party software such as Modernbill. Although account has not a package name, you still get a different feature set for different hosting account. There is a skin configuration call ‘Non-package feature list’. If hosting account doesn’t have a package name or package feature list is not defined, RVskin will load feature list from Non-package feature list. Together with its intelligent as described above, you get control on the features showing the skin.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Permission Control

Prevents outbound access either type URL directly or call from bookmark. All outbound requests will be denied.
 Permission Summary:    Automatically

  • Admin Layer

This feature allows you log-in to users' cPanel with root/reseller password on a different layer that show all features. RVskin whether not save or show your IP address on the 'Last login' in user skin.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers 

  • Features Control for Reseller and your Reseller’s clients

Reseller feature control allows you control which feature that provides in reseller's client control panel. There are many cases you don't want resellers provide certain features such as 'agora shopping cart', and etc. Just turn-off them, resellers will not able to set those features for their clients.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin

  • Restrict reseller to access skin manager

You are able to allow whether for the whole reseller accounts or an individual reseller account to access skin mananger.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin

  • Contact e-mail address alert system

RVskin pop-up window appears when users whether don’t fill out the contact e-mail address or the contact e-mail address is older than a specific time. You will always keep the most updated e-mail address from users.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Reseller (Upon RVadmin Control)

  • Set default e-mail quota

You can set the default email quota showing in the input field when user trying to create new email. If the value is not defined, rvskin will show 'unlimited' (no quotes) by default.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Disable Spam Box

Spam box feature introduced by cPanel is considered as a piece of junk, due to the fact that it increases more support.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Disable MySQL Access Host

You can enable/disable MySQL Access Host showing in user skins. This function will hide MySQL Access Host showing in sql/index.html, and also block users if they try to access sql/addhost.html and sql/delhost.html directly.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Reseller (Upon RVadmin Control)

  • Brand your skin

You can easily branding skin within 5 minutes!  Server owner and reseller reserved permission to customize clients' control panel header to an appropriate look. Customize the link to your site, customer support page and link to ticket system.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Add your own links inside RVskin

Add your own links inside user cPanel with ability to exclude the link from some hosting packages customize message in different languages, append URL with username and domain, link to your homepage or inside user cPanel.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers 

  • Page Editor

Creating your own page inside rvskin for all themes, and languages is very easy. Page Editor fully support HTML, PHP programming, and cPanel module. Pages created by RVskin Page Editor will not get overwritten while other elements require updated such as menu, and graphics. And also insert proper tags to allow your page display inside RVskin in all themes without conflict. Once page was created, you can add it to skin using 'Add Body Links' function, which allow you exclude page from specific packages, place page in a specific area and options to set its name in different languages.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Reseller

  • RVnews system

Publish a number of news with multi-languages support.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers 

  • Upsale your products/services

RVskin comes together with great marketing tools to increase your revenue. Solely setting in skin configuration, features that set to 'NO', they will automatically disappear. Extending with Upsale feature, they will not disappear but it will redirect to your defined order form when user clicks the link.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Upsale window size

You can specify the pop-up window size and attributes to fit your Upsale design page.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Easily to integrate 3rd party software

RVskin fully support integration to the following software.

  • Fantastico
  • CPskins Auto Installer
  • Modernbill

 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers

  • Silence login by Admin

When you log in with root or reseller password, RVskin will not save your IP address and not show on 'Last login' in user's skin no matter Admin Layer enable or disable.
 Permission Summary:    Automatically

  • Debug Mode

Debug mode helps you to figure configuration error. Debug mode will print loaded files and configurations in user's HTML source code. To view the source code information please open HTML source code; on Internet Explorer menu see towards “View” then select sub menu “Source". The configuration profiles used for that account will locate in the top of page. By default debug mode is turn-off.
 Permission Summary:    RVadmin    Resellers



Live Demo now available:

NOTE: Because of security concerns many features are disabled in this DEMO.